Sean Duffy Carillon Page

This is my page that has links to compositions I wrote for the carillon, which is an instrument consisting of church tower bells. I have written several pieces, here are youtube videos of the music (performed by musescore using a carillon soundfont) as well as the sheet music. If you wish to learn more about the carillon I recommend this page

The following pieces are free to download and play for any purpose under the CC – SA licence. It would be amazing if you do play any of these if you would let me know, and if you have a recording I would love to hear you play. I will add more pieces as I find the time to input them. 

Passacaglia in C minor for Carillon (2020) Passacaglia_in_C_minor (PDF)



Nocturne for Carillon (2020) – Nocturne_for_Carillon PDF


Prelude for Carillon (1998) – Prelude_in_C_Major  PDF


Stages for Carillon  (Part 1, 1998) – Five_Stages_for_Carillon PDF


Song of Bluebells (Korean Folksong arrangement) –Doraji_Tahryung__Song_of_Bluebells_ PDF


Lan Hua Hua “Blueflowers” (Chinese Folksong) – Lan_Hua-Hua__Blueflowers PDF


Amazing Grace – Amazing_Grace PDF



Here is some music I performed on the Lurie Carillon, at the University of Michigan):

Prelude #5 (J. van den Gheyn)

Gnossienne #1 (E. Satie)

Sakura (Japanese Folksong)

Stage 1 (original composition)

Although my favorite carillon is the Laura Spellman Rockefeller Carillon in the bell tower of  Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago. Here is a bad video of me playing it. I was twenty years younger (and twenty pounds lighter) then.