I conduct research on a variety of topics at the intersection of cognitive, cultural, developmental, environmental, and social psychology. Visit my Google Scholar page for links to all published articles. 


Fall 2017:

Statistics for Social Sciences (TH 6:00-8:40): Standard Null Hypothesis Significance Testing course. You will learn how to do descriptive and inferential statistics here, and consider the limitations of this approach. 

Psychology of the Cosmos: On the Structure of Scientific Revolution – Hon Coll (FRI 12:30-3:30) – Here we use Carl Sagan’s 1980 PBS series Cosmos as a launch pad for an exploration of the role of scientific reasoning in psychology. This is an interdisciplinary course in which we read poetry, philosophy, literature, and science to understand how humans used their reasoning to escape from the mysticism of the pre-enlightenment and established a scientific and technological understanding that poses the most existential of all choices: we can use technology to destroy ourselves or to travel to the stars. We will deal with evolution, memory, game theory, philosophy, religion, history and other approaches to understand how we comprehend anything. 

Spring 2018:

Statistics for Social Sciences (MW 4:20ish-5:50): Standard Null Hypothesis Significance Testing course. You will learn how to do descriptive and inferential statistics here, and consider the limitations of this approach. 

Cultural Psychology of Food (W 6-8:40) – This is my most fun class where we discuss the cultural aspects of food – how cuisines define and delineate cultures and regions, how different cultures assimilate and accommodate processes, ingredients, and practices, how memory and food and life history intersect. This course has almost nothing to do with the psychology of eating but rather focuses on everything that surrounds eating – the rituals, the history, and the discourse that surrounds food. Prepare to come to class hungry – part of the syllabus requires you to sample cuisines from the cultures of the world…



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Courses Taught Previously (Click on link for syllabus)

Psychology of ChildhoodCultural PsychologyMethod and TheoryCognition, Neuroscience, and CinemaPsychology of the CosmosPsychology of HumorStatistics for Social SciencesCross Cultural Development and Mental Health, Computer Applications in PsychologyPsychology Through Documentary FilmIntroduction to Childhood StudiesGraduate StatisticsGraduate Research MethodsGraduate Developmental ScienceCultural Psychology of Food, Graduate Psychological ScienceEnvironmental Psychology, Introduction to Psychology (honors college), Teaching in Psychology, Readings in Psychology Series, Psychology of Art and Music.