I conduct research on a variety of topics at the intersection of cognitive, cultural, developmental, environmental, and social psychology. Click here to learn more about my most recent research. Or visit my Google Scholar page for links to all of the published articles. 


In Fall 2016, I am on sabbatical leave…see you in January!

In Spring 2017, I am teaching a Tuesday/Thursday 4:20 course on Statistics for Social Sciences. Here is the good news – we will be using a free online textbook and program so you can save your money for better things (although a stats textbook is not a bad financial decision). Here is the free textbook we will use:

Also I am teaching a 1 PM Friday special topics course on how we know things, built around themes raised in Carl Sagan’s 1979 television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. In it we read a lot of Walt Whitman’s poetry, who lived his final years and died just a few blocks from the Rutgers-Camden campus. See Psychology of the Cosmos for an older, outdated syllabus to get a sense for some of what we do in the class. 

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Click Here if you are looking for Experimental Data or Program Scripts. Coming soon. Also there will be a link to my SOAR Rutgers Library Page with links to publications and data. 

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Courses Taught Previously (Click on link for syllabus)

Psychology of ChildhoodCultural PsychologyMethod and TheoryCognition, Neuroscience, and CinemaPsychology of the CosmosPsychology of HumorStatistics for Social SciencesCross Cultural Development and Mental Health, Computer Applications in PsychologyPsychology Through Documentary FilmIntroduction to Childhood StudiesGraduate StatisticsGraduate Research MethodsGraduate Developmental ScienceCultural Psychology of Food, Graduate Psychological ScienceEnvironmental Psychology, Introduction to Psychology (honors college), Teaching in Psychology, Readings in Psychology Series, Psychology of Art and Music.