Welcome to the Culture, Cognition, and Development Laboratory

Here at the Culture, Cognition, and Development laboratory, we aim to build bridges between culture and the mind, between childhood and adulthood, and between the past and the future.  The lab is under the direction of Dr. Sean Duffy, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and an associate in the Center for Children and Childhood Studies at Rutgers University-Camden.

Bridges Between Culture and Mind

Part of our work concerns how culture and mind are inseparable.  This line of research concerns the important question of how cultural practices unique to given cultures lead to divergent psychological outcomes.  our work has focused mainly on comparisons between North American with East Asian individuals; however, new work in our laboratory compares ethnic differences in psychological behaviors between Irish and Italian Americans who have settled in the South New Jersey region.

Bridges Between Childhood and Adulthood

Another aspect of our work concerns the relationship between abilities found in infants and young children and their relation to adult competencies in various psychological domains, but mainly on quantitative and spatial reasoning and representation.  Our aim is to develop a bridge between infancy and adulthood, to better understand the processes of maturation and experience that guide development over time.  

Bridges Between the Past and the Future

A final area of our work concerns the persistence of memory.  The question we examine is how prior experiences inform judgments in the future, and specifically, on how the order or sequence with which we experience objects and events informs our current and future judgments.

Get Involved! 

If you are a student at Rutgers Camden, get involved in research!  We at  the CCDL welcome student volunteers and collaborators.  Feel free to contact us by clicking the “contact and directions” link on the top menu.