Some resources on Offshore Wind Energy

In fall 2022 I was asked by a colleague – a chemistry professor at Rutgers Camden – if I would be interested in developing some materials on Off Shore Wind (OSW) energy. I had some years ago conducted some research on environmental psychology, although in an area that was only tangentially related to offshore wind farms. But I generally think that any renewable energy is something worth investigating and promoting, so I agreed to put together some thoughts. This is the work in progress on that initiative, funded by Rutgers New Brunswick’s OSW Initiative program.

I do want to say most of these videos are opinions, my own, that do not reflect the viewpoints of my employers or Rutgers University or Rutgers University in Camden. And there may be points that I make that could be wrong. I understand and appreciate that there is no definitive conclusion on OSW, and there is a lot of controversy regarding the proposal that the Federal Government and the State of New Jersey has about the installation of OSW

Very important to understand these videos are not actual lectures but practice lectures I put together over the summer of 2023 that I will be doing a more polished version of this fall. But I wanted to publish these so folks could comment on and give feedback for the more polished versions I will put together by Spring 2024 – so forgive me for the umms, and pauses and mistakes (like saying “centimeters” for “centigrade” – this is just a rough copy.) 



Lecture 1: Introduction to the problem

Lecture 2: The context of climate change


Lecture 3: Wind resources: Why New Jersey is ideal for OSW

Lecture 4: What is environmental psychology? How can it help us? 

Lecture 5: The Psychology of Climate Change


Lecture 6: Issues with wind energy 


Lecture 7: Some psychological issues related to wind energy


Lecture 8: Teaching climate change and wind energy: A statistics exercise

Lecture 9:  This is a work in progress – will be updated later in Fall 2023. 

Lecture 10: A discussion of issues I had with stakeholders on OSW.