Sean Duffy

Ph.D., The University of Chicago.
Post-Doc, The University of Michigan.

Office: Armitage 345 Rutgers-Camden 311 N. 5th St Camden NJ
Office phone: (856) 225-6204 (email is better)

Research Areas: Imperfect perception and human memory, Culture and cognition, Spatial reasoning and development, Environmental psychology. Lately mathematical and statistical models. 

Summer Courses: Cultural Psychology of Food and Environmental Psychology.

NEW! Fall 2024 Course Cognition Neuroscience and Cinema
NEW! Spring 2025 Course Culture, Psychology, and Neuroscience of Urban Spaces





Spring 2022: Graduate Developmental Science; Environmental Psychology
Summer 2022: Cultural Psychology of Food
Fall 2022: Psychology of Childhood; Graduate Statistics
Winter 2023: Environmental Psychology
Spring 2023: Statistics for Social Sciences (2 sections)
Summer 2023: Environmental Psychology; Cultural Psychology of Food
Fall 2023: Sabbatical Leave
Spring 2024: Statistics for Social Sciences, Honors College course: Inherit the Winds: Environmental, Cultural, and Technological Challenges and Opportunities posed by Offshore Wind Energy in New Jersey
Summer 2024: Environmental Psychology; Cultural Psychology of Food
Fall 2024: Graduate Statistics; Cognition, Neuroscience, and Cinema

OFF SHORE WIND: A project to be completed soon, some lectures on Off Shore Wind energy in New Jersey. If you would like to be added to my canvas site on this project please feel free to contact me at There are more resources (readings, links to videos, etc) there.


Please click here my carillon (cathedral/church bell) music page!   For a number of years I played the largest musical instrument ever designed and built, and wrote some music for it so you can play it too! 


Stochastic choice and imperfect perception (a long term series of projects with economist John Smith)
Category effects in reconstructive memory – is it Bayesian? Also with John Smith
Discriminating artificial intelligence from human intelligence
Cognitive processes underlying Automatic Imitation (with C. Bouquet and R. van Der Wel)
Psychology of sustainability (the basis of my course Environmental Psychology)
Culture, psychology, and food (the basis for my course The Cultural Psychology of Food)
Psychology of art, music and photography (the basis for my course The Psychology of Art and Music)
Psychology of humor (a course I developed and taught for many years)


Please see John Smith’s site for several other works in progress or under review and supplementary materials. 

Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (In preparation). The random thickness of indifference. 

Bouquet, C., van der Wel, R., Lafleur, M., & Duffy, S. (revised and resubmitted) Regulation of automatic imitation: Domain specific versus domain general control processes. 

Duffy, S., & Bouquet, C. (in preparation). Gender differences in preferences for humor produced by men or women

Krassner, M., Duffy, K., Wiesniewski, K., August, A., & Duffy, S. (in preparation). A century of smiles: Changes in emotional expression in portrait photography 1920-2020.

Duffy, S., & Keir, A. (in preparation). Public opinions of Offshore Wind Energy in New Jersey. 

RECENT PAPERS (older papers at my google scholar page): 

Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (revised and resubmitted). Stochastic choice and imperfect perception of line lengths: What is hiding in the noise?

Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (revised and resubmitted). An economist and a psychologist form a line: What can imperfect perception of line length tell us about stochastic choice.

Duffy, S., Nadeo, J.J., Owens, D., & Smith, J.  (in press). Cognitive Load and Mixed Strategies: On brains and minimax. International Game Theory Review

Duffy, S., Hertel, J., Igan, D., Pinhiero, M., & Smith, J. (2022) Bayesian integration in sensorimotor learning: Another look at Kording and Wolpert (2004). Cortex, 153, 87-96.

Duffy, S., Gussman, S.,& Smith, J. (2021). Visual judgments of length in the economics laboratory: Are there brains in stochastic choice? Journalof Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 93,163-193.

Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (2020). On the category adjustment model: Another look at Huttenlocher, Hedges, and Vevea (2000). Mind and Society, 19, 163-193.

Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (2020). Omitted-variable bias and other matters in the defense of the category adjustment model: A comment on Crawford (2019). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 85: 101501. 

Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (2018). Category effects on stimulus estimation: Shifting and skewed frequency distributions-A reexamination. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 25, 1740-1750.

Duffy, S. (2017). Cognitive development. In K. Nadal (Ed.) The Sage Encyclopedia of Psychology and Gender. (pp. 306-309). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.Jonas, K. J., Cesario, J., Alger, M., Bailey, A. H., Bombari, D., Carney, D., Dovidio, J. F., Duffy, S., Harder, J. A., van Huistee, D., Jackson, B., Johnson, D. J., Keller, V. N., Klaschinski, L., LaBelle, O., LaFrance, M., Latu, I. M., Morssinkhoff, M., Nault, K., Pardal, V., Pulfrey, C., Rohleder, N., Ronay, R., Smart Richman, L., Schmid Mast, M., Schnabel, K., Schröder-Abé, M. & Tybur, J. M. (2017).  Power poses – where do we stand?, Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology, 2, 139-141.

Latu, I. M., Duffy, S., Pardal, V. & Alger M. (2017). Power vs. persuasion: Can open body postures embody openness to persuasion? Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology, 2, 68-80.

Allred, S., Crawford, L.E., Duffy, S. & Smith, J. (2016) Working memory and spatial judgments: Cognitive load increases the central tendency bias. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 23, 1825-1831.

Allred, S., Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (2016). Cognitive load and strategic sophistication. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 125, 162-178.

Duffy, S., Smith, J., & Woods, K. (2015). How does the preference for increasing payments depend on the size and source of the payments? Management Science Letters, 5, 1071-1080.

Duffy, S. & Smith, J. (2014). Cognitive load in the multiple player prisoner’s dilemma game: Are there brains in games?.Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 51, 47-56.

Duffy, S., Hartwig, T., & Smith, J. (2014). Costly and discrete communication: An experimental investigation. Theory and Decision, 76, 395-415.

Duffy, S. & Smith, J. (2013). Preference for increasing wages: How do people value various streams of income? Judgment and Decision Making, 8, 74-90.

See my Google Scholar page for links to all published articles. 

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